Somewhere over the rainbow.....

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 2 of the cleanse.....

Currently feeling: A LITTLE hungry (or bored, I can't tell)
Currently wearing: a yellow shirt with tons of girl heads on it, sweater...nothing fancy.
Current weight: I don't know today....but I started two days ago at......(drumroll!!) 117. AGH!

Hi all.
well, yesterday was tough b/c it was the first day, and I just felt mad that I couldn't eat. I LOVE eating...SO MUCH.
I also eat b/c I'm bored quite often, so I find that I'm bored a lot more now.
I've so far gone......40 hours or so with no food. It's crazy.
I feel pretty good, although I took Kai to the zoo today for like 4 hours in the hot sun, so I feel a little exhausted.....
well, I'm going to go nap for a little bit, until I have to make dinner for Kai...(THAT'S the WORST!) making all this food I can't eat.
Oh well, cest la vie.

Monday, June 25, 2007

a new start....

Wow....well, as per usual, it's AGAIN been a really long time since I've blogged.
I turn 30 this year. Isn't that crazy? I've decided it's time for a life change. I'm starting that off with another fast. I will fast and at the end (If I last) I will celebrate by getting my hair trimmed and colored...I'm SO crazy. haha.
I just came to realize that I feel very unhappy with myself, and I need a fresh start....
I need to FEEL healthier and act healthier...
Music is going great, and I LOVE it, so I want to be able to love myself while I do it...know what I mean?
Anyhow - Today is monday night, and my official start day will be Wednesday AM. Which means the FUN laxative tea tomorrow night before bed.....Good times WILL be had...
I WILL blog every day. B/c I am MAKING myself...
so - until then, audious amigos.
Wish me luck.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

it's been so long that I'm on a NEW cleanse.....

Hi all.
it's been a long time...
I've just started a new cleanse (MANY months after the old one) which by the way, concluded quite well....

I've now gone 2 days without food and I'm actually feeling pretty good. I just remembered though that it's Easter weekend that I chose to cleanse on....DARN IT!
So...I guess that I should do the stats like last time....

Currently Feeling: Alright - but if there was a burger infront of me....can't say I wouldn't take a nibble....
wearing: This shirt that I have that is totally 60''s kind of's like a "the 60's meet alice in wonderland" kind of shirt...
Currently weight: Not going there...
Photos will start tomorrow.....

I was thinking about it though...

the reason I'm really doing this cleanse is to get my mind clear before I go on this next tour...
(I'm heading out to the Toronto area for about 2 weeks in a couple weeks from now)
I hope that I can go for the right reasons, and that we will be used to break through to some people....
Sometimes I wonder if I'm this hopeless romantic (not in a love sense) but in a "save the world" know? like - I totally hope that my music might change someone, or bring them that dumb? I hope it isn't...

The funniest thing happened the other day.
My son Kai was on the bus with me and he started just full out talking to everyone around him. It was SUCH a funny position to be in b/c I am REALLY shy around people I don't know, and I would NEVER talk to strangers for no reason, but there he was, chatting away....FORCING me to make conversation with him. Talk about taking me out of my element...and the person doing it and putting me in that situation was 4 years old!!
Man - he's funny. This one lady didn't want to talk to him and he just kept going "what's wrong with her! Why won't she answer? Can she not talk??"
haha - it was SO funny AND awkward at the same time.
Good things DO come in small packages....hehe - that's cheesy...but I felt like it should go there...

I'll do an update on my life on the next's not really THAT exciting...but that's ok.
Take care Y'ALL.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cleanse Report: Day 6!!!! (Only 4 more days!!!!)

Currently: Cuddling up to chunk of steak.....sick of liquids...want solids....It IS steak in this pic too - my kidney didn't fall out or anything!!
Current Tongue conditions: seems to maybe be clearing up a little?
Currently wearing: NOTHING!!! WOOHOOO!!!! (just joking!!)
Current Height: 5'2 (again - I guess I took my measurements wrong...booh!!!!)
Current weight: finally checked - I am currently 108 pounds. I WAS around 116 before I started...It's ALL coming back on though I'm sure

So today is ok so far. I had to get up super early for church and sang there. I downed 2 peppermint tea's, a water and a half and the lemon drink, and man I'm sick of only having 3 liquid options. Ah well, I'll be done pretty soon. I've come so far...I can't give up....
although - if I could only eat 1 soda cracker. I would be SOOO happy.
It's crazy what comes out of you on this thing....that's all I'll say. No more.
haha - if you noticed - I FORGOT to do a blog for yesterday so - I'm doing two today b/c I remember what yesterday was like...that's why I'm wearing the same outfit.
Oh - you know what's funny - when you are on the cleanse and you get tired, it's like your body just doesn't want to do anything - it just wants to sleep, it's like the game the Sims? When you don't let them sleep and then they start waving their hands in the air and showing you the zzzzzzz's ? It just reminds me of that.
that's all.
See y'all later.

Cleanse Report: Day 5

Currently Feeling: HUNGRY!!! (especially for salt!!!)
Current Tongue conditions: kind of the same
Currently wearing: nothing to write home about
Current height: 5'9!!!!
Current weight: I'm checking FOR REAL today!!!
Well, today is good b/c I'm now officially HALF done!! Woohoo!! So - I only have 5 days left now. I'm feeling alright - Brent made these steak/onion/pepper wraps - and cooked the steak and onions in beer and the smell almost drove me mental. He went to have a shower and left the food simmering on the stove and I found myself bent over it just breathing in the smell. The crazy thing is that I don't eat red meat at all, I don't even like it. I just want that food. I won't though.
I was at the video store today too, and weirdly enough - REALLY wanted DORITOS. I don't even eat those. SOOO weird.
Anyhow - other than that I'm doing well. I am hoping it is doing something - and can't imagine that it isn't.
I'm out.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Cleanse Report: Day 4

Currently feeling: Bitchy. Seriously grumpy.
Current tongue conditions: Man - feeling PRETTY disgusting today
Currently wearing: THIS ol' Thing??
Current Height: STILL 5'2
Current Weight: you'll never know!! Yeah - you will - as of tomorrow - when I check.

Ok - so today is definetly the hardest day for me! I can't BELIEVE how grumpy I was all day. I hurt my wrist just overusing it and stuff - and today it is SOOO painful and I can't take an advil, and my stomach hurts from the cyst stuff - advil would be nice today - but I'm hoping it all hurts b/c it's getting beat on by my body!!! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! GO BODY!!!!
I'm heading out to hear a friend sing tonight - and that should be great. Hmm....what should I have there - about some MINT TEA!! Agh....I try to get excited about it - it just doesn't happen!
Ummm...Brian and I finished writing the radio song yesterday - it still doesn't have a title, but we record vocals on monday and tuesday - and hopefully then.....IT WILL BE DONE!!!! Only to start soon on a full length that will be WAYYY longer - but I'm already up to 7 songs, and after today - I think 8!! So - I really only need to write like 1 more song or maybe 2 if I want and we're ready to go! Woohoo!
Ok - well, that's all for today. no funny stories today. just bitchy ones. Haha - EXCEPT this morning Kai was being bad and I told him that he was not listening and was going to get in trouble if he wasn't good, and he said "Settle down mom, you're FREAKING me out"
I didn't even know he knew that stuff!! Haha. Anyhow - it made me laugh and forget what he was doing in the first place...but it didn't take him long to remind me.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cleanse Report: Day 3

Currently Feeling: Quite Tired
Current tongue conditions: still gross - and actually a little sore. I wish I could chew gum while on this thing!!!
Currently wearing: my pajamas (old t-shirt and yoga pants)
Current Height: 5'2 and a little (This cleanse is making me grow!!!!) (one can hope)
Current Weight: I WILL check today!! I really want to know!!

Well, considering how tired I am (and I'm weirdly enough not tired from the cleanse - just for being stupid and staying up till 3 last night. woops - probably not the best when you are on detox, I still feel really good. Hunger pains are less and less, and the drink always takes care of them when they are there. I snuck another spoonful of maple syrup. Well, not really, I just licked the spoon! haha. Man - food is a crazy thing. I'm definetly going to be more careful after this, I feel like I was so sluggish from food and my head was so unclear. It is nice to not feel that way. I always eat food just cause it's there, not b/c I need it, so it's nice to break that chain of thinking. Huh. crazy.
Ok -so crazy story!! Yesterday I was at Shoppers Drug mart and I saw this guy in his car and he was shaking crazy and out of control and he was foaming at the mouth! So I freaked out and felt that nervous scared feeling and tried kind of looking in his window and was about to call 911 or was wondering if I should, and I realized that he was brushing his teeth!! in the car!!! he was shaking b/c he was JUST GIVIN'ER with the toothbrush, and when I saw his face for a minute, he had toothpaste coming out of his mouth!!
I felt dumb, I was standing there staring at him, and he drove away without spitting it all out, probably because he felt dumb that I was standing there looking at him. Crazy.
Ok - well, I'm off. I have a big day today. Well, not really, but I've got some stuff and I have to get my wrist worked over by my man massuesse.
See y'all!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cleanse Report: Day 2

Currently feeling: Weirdly enough - a little tired - but - STILL quite optomistic
Current tongue conditions: grossness going strong!
Currently wearing: my mj anne couture shirt and some brown pants
Current height: STILL 5'2!!!
Current Weight: Forgot to check!!

Well, It's 6:40 on day two (pm) and I actually feel really good still. I felt like gold this morning, probably b/c I always forget to have breakfast and I'm not used to having a calorie intake in the morning...mental note: eat breakfast after fast. I found myself sneak a teaspoon of the organic maple syrup I use to make this drink. I guess i needed the sugar. Although - I normally would NEVER eat it by itself. Haha. Weird!
The cayenne pepper in the drink adds a lot of kick, that's for sure. Kind of cool , kind of weird. I am growing self conscious of the fact that I am carrying around an 8 glass container everywhere with me and people are starting to think I have an intense iced tea addiction.
I feel a little tired. Nothing too big, just a little bit like having a nap. Unfortunelty for me, I can't have a nap, I have rehearsal for worship at the meeting place and the AFTER THAT I have to meet the client who while I shooting their photos, I cut my leg open and a gust of wind blew my skirt over my head. Do you think maybe he forgot? Oh man. I'm such a loser.
I notice that my stomach hurts a little today - not hungry hurt, but like where my cysts are hurt. I'm hoping they are doing something good down there. haha.
Man - I just recently heard a friend of our's music - his name is Jeremy Remple, and wow - his stuff is fantastic! It's been my fast music. Well, not fast music, but MY FASTING music.
Anyhow - I'm off to rehearsal.!
Take it easy all you eating people!
that was weird...